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David Stewart’s music career began at the young age of twelve when he played piano and drums alongside his father. Fast forward, the West Londoner is now an accomplished singer, songwriter and producer.

His experience of playing in front of crowds at such a tender age gave him the confidence to pursue his dream of performing on bigger stages once he had left school. Soon after completing his education opportunities opened up for the talented youngster. It wasn’t long before seventeen - year old David Stewart was on the road touring with British singer/rapper Example. Stewart played 280 gigs thus taking him from crowds of 46 people in Brighton to audiences of 80,000 on the main stage at V Festival. This experience had granted him the pleasure of co – producing, co – writing and lending his vocals to many of Examples albums. Although Stewart is currently focussing on his own compositions, the partnership once formed with Example still exists today; as roles are reversed and its Example’s talents that are put to good use.

Stewart has always been a deep thinker. He spent his youth listening to and studying the work of some of the greatest artists to have ever lived. From Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson and Phil Collins to The Beatles, Stewart’s formative years were filled with prominent music by outstanding artists.

April 2012 - marked the release of a 10-track mixtape titled, ‘Late Night Viewing.’ Stewart produced a huge part of this body of work along with his co–writer, Example. The mixtape featured performances from Example himself, Wretch 32, Ed Sheeran and Yasmin. The mixtape as a whole presented some impressive stats as it currently racked up 70, 000 downloads to-date; with ‘Lay On The Bonnet’ becoming its leading track. BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Mistajam was a massive fan of the track and he crowned it as his ‘Hot Record of the Week.’

After the success of the mixtape, Stewart began to realise what he had to offer as an artist and put together a four-track EP titled, ‘Dark Side Of Paradise.’ Production was provided by renowned Seattle producer, Sango. One track from that project, ‘Silly Boy’, has made a big impression on fans of electro-pop and has amassed 450,000 views to date.

David Stewart now feels more confident in himself as an artist and he is comfortable enough in his own skin to unleash his new pop sound in his latest single, ‘Pouring Rain’, which will be released via his own label, Sun Dream City. It will be his first release on iTunes and his new album will also take after the name of his label.

Moving forward, Stewart plans to prove himself to be a refreshing and versatile artist by creating concept albums. The aim is to keep his fans engaged in whatever genre he decides to indulge in; whether it is his previous R&B soulful vibe or his current pop music range. While his sound will change, David Stewart’s relentless quest to experiment and entertain won’t.